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Supporting the city that has been described as the engine room of Australia and the Port City to the world, are our local businesses.


They are not only the face of Gladstone, but its beating heart.

Small, local Gladstone Region businesses. We all know them & love them.

From the local newsagent or plumber to the corner store, small businesses are far more valuable than anything they do or sell. They are the fabric of our local community.

In Australia, small businesses contribute to a third of our economic activity, keep millions of Australians in jobs and are responsible for paying wages to more than half of our workforce.

They are vital to our everyday lives - especially now in our uncertain times.

This year particularly has been tough on our local small businesses, and they need your support.

GCCI is doing its part to promote and encourage you to Buy Local. It’s as simple as eating at or getting take-away from your local restaurant or cafe, buying your gifts from Gladstone region shops, or liking and leaving positive reviews on their social media pages.

There are many ways to support local businesses. Let’s get Gladstone going again. Let’s choose to Buy Local First!

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