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When you buy local you help grow the Gladstone Region.

2023/24 Buy Local Campaign

Queensland is home to more than 452,000 small businesses (those employing less than 20 people) that are at the core of every industry sector.


They are in every community in every region, representing over 97 percent of businesses statewide, and employing about 42 percent of all private sector workers.

Small businesses complement the economic activity of large organisations by providing them with goods and services, and make up the backbone of the supply chains of larger projects.


They power regional development and contribute around $120 billion per year to Queensland's economy.

GCCI's Buy Local Campaign encourages not only individual consumers but businesses to #buylocalgladstone, and support those who make the Gladstone Region a vibrant community within which to live, work and play.

The success of local businesses means they can continue to support our sporting clubs, not-for-profits, and community events. That success also creates employment  opportunities for our neighbours, family, friends and children.


When we buy local we help grow the Gladstone Region.

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